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The New Reality for Professional Speakers Many industries are being transformed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Professional speaking is one of those industries. Individuals who earned a living as professional speakers are having to adjust to the new reality. This means they will have fewer opportunities – or indeed, none – to speak in front of large groups….

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Annual Meetings, Conferences, Expos and all other sorts of meetings are the cornerstone of your organization’s yearly programming. You dedicate weeks, months and years to make sure that every minute of the agenda resonates with your members and makes them want more.  You get such a boost of momentum from these meetings. Every member goes…


Video from a viewer’s perspective

As you start a new year of marketing your businesses and organizations, you’ll definitely think about including video into your campaigns. Video is the easiest and most difficult medium to use. It is also the cheapest and most expensive way to communicate your message.  The least time consuming as well as the most resource-draining. How…


We’ll Fix it in the edit

Video professionals use these six words to assuage the fears of clients. I don’t know where and when we learn to say this. I don’t I took any classes in client-reassurance in school. But, nevertheless, I hear these words time and time again on shoots. Especially on corporate video or marketing shoots. It’s the response…