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Annual Meetings, Conferences, Expos
and all other sorts of meetings are the cornerstone of your
organization’s yearly programming. You dedicate weeks, months and years
to make sure that every minute of the agenda resonates with your members
and makes them want more.  You get such a boost of momentum from these
meetings. Every member goes back with a new set of tools gained from
your educational sessions and networking events. Your industry partners
go home with a stack full of business cards and a list of ideas on how
to generate more business. All with your association on top of their

It would be a shame to lose that momentum.

But often times, that’s the case. The after-meeting glow quickly
loses its shine and it’s back to normal for those who attended your
event. At least until the next meeting.

It is so important to continue to engage with your members and
connect throughout the year. The best way to do that is to create
dynamic video that showcases your programming and features the value you
offer to members and vendors alike. Every item on your agenda, could
possibly yield three or four video clips that could be used as original
content that you can use in your newsletter, website and social media

Approach your next event with a content calendar in mind and identify
the items that you believe will resonate the most with your
subscription lists and social media followers. Work with a third-party
video production team who can professionally mold the live programming
into viable video clips with your brand and messaging in mind.

With video content, you’ll be much more likely to get those who
experienced the live content to share their experience with others. This
will get you in front of more people who you’re not already
communicating with. Photos and text just don’t carry the same weight as a
well put-together video clip that one of your members wouldn’t mind
sharing with their network.  You’re creating targeted viral content.

You are creating hours of awesome content already. Don’t let the end
of your meeting be the end of the line for your programming.

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